Sound Insulation

Noise is unhealthy, whether at work or at home. its creates stress and can be a cause of certain diseases.

FRAMEZ windows are constructted in a way that reduces sound upto 40 decibels. Following exclusive features of our windows help reduce sound.

Thermal Insulation

Almost 25% of heat energy is wasted through the windows in a typical home. This results in higher energy bills and more investment in heating or cooling equipment.

When you use FRAMEZ windows, you save energy and your hard earned money.

The following features make FRAMEZ windows thermally insulated:

  • Air-tight TPV welded gaskets.
  • 5 chamber profile design.
  • Weather seal installation.
  • U-value: 1.432 w/m^2K.
  •  Leakage proof, overlap design.

Great Aesthetics


We realize that windows are an important part of any building elevation. This is why we have taken great care to make our windows beautiful without sacrificing functionality. Silky smooth finish, rounded curved edges and a great variety of colors will make FRAMEZ windows a hallmark of your home.

  • Attractive Rounded Curves
  • High Gloss Silky Finish
  • Special Wall Covering Border Profiles
  • Bright White Color
  • Seamless Welding Mark
  • Seamless Mullion Connection
  • Fantastic Wooden Texture

Lasting Quality


At FRAMEZ, we use only the best quality raw materials. This results in high quality products every time.

Our technology partners include Baerlocher, KANEKA & KRONOS.

With foreign technical assistance, we have developed a special formulation for Pakistan that is resistant to high UV light and temperatures upto 80 degrees Celsius.

  • High UV formula for Pakistan. 3mm Wall Thickness
  • Profiles conform to EN 12608 German standard
  • Raw materials from World Famous Companies
  • Foreign Technical Assistance
  • Temperature Resistance upto 80 Degree Centigrade

One Window Solution


From orders to deliveries, experts arrange everything from meterial sourcing to hardware selection and glass to final installation.

After Sales Service


Like any durable item, your windows will require maintenance after some time and we will be just be a call away!